Thursday, January 2, 2014

Study Tour -- and EarthView -- Delayed

The bad news is that the 2014 Nicaragua study tour got delayed by a full day, due to a bit of a blizzard that was expected to reach peak intensity just as we were scheduled to leave Boston. The good news is that the airline announced the delay far enough ahead of time that we were able to reschedule ahead of time, avoiding the frustration of facing such delays in the airport. (A fate familiar to 2012 tour participants!)

Thanks to quick action on the part of the BSU travel office, we were booked for flights that would get us to Matagalpa just a little over a day late. And thanks to the incredible team at Matagalpa Tours, we were able to rearrange the itinerary to keep our highest-priority events. We will miss visiting El Chile this year, but are very grateful that Matagalpa Tours and its local partners were able to reschedule the first international appearance of EarthView, BSU's traveling globe classroom! Local publicity has already been revised.

The photo used above is from BSU's own Kelly Gym, announcing both our EarthView program and other activities that we will be able to share with the community in Matagalpa.